How to Hunt for the Right Infographic Topic [Infographic]

When choosing a topic for your infographic, your goal should be as clear as the difference between night and day. What do you want to accomplish by sharing this infographic on the Internet? What information should the readers have received, and what actions do you want the readers to take after they’re done viewing your work?

This is important not only for one person working on an infographic, but also for somebody who may need to work with other people to make the final output happen.

Clear Topics: Clear Communication

For people who possess both advanced illustration and writing skills, drafting up an infographic will be a piece of cake. But in most cases, creating an infographic requires a collaborative effort between a designer and a writer. To communicate ideas effectively between these two people, you have to choose your topic carefully and purposefully.

Because ideas can get lost in translation when passed on from one person to another, you can avoid miscommunicating during the collaboration if you have a clear topic for your infographic. You must first make the important choice of what exactly you want to talk about before you can start delegating and executing specific tasks.

If you can’t think of anything from scratch, then get some data by searching for what’s trending on the Internet. Cast a wide net for ideas and turn to Google and BuzzSumo for a vast collection of timely articles at your fingertips to make your search more effective. Bank on the latest searches and most looked-up stories on the web. Tap into social media to hear the latest buzz and observe how people are reacting to popular articles.

Hand-Pick and Refine Your Topics

Narrow down your search and analyze which topics are interesting and relevant to you and your audience. That way, you’ll end up with a handful of interesting subjects you can choose from.

But when you already have a niche, it might be better to look up what the leading industry figures are saying. However, popularity isn’t always a factor when it comes to authority on a subject, so it’s best to listen to experts on your topic rather than base your information on what’s popular.

Remember to factor in your audience! Don’t alienate them with inconsistent and irrelevant topics. Focus on your message and make sure to research on their interests so you’re guaranteed to make a compelling infographic.

Back up your well-researched topic with excellent design, and you’re done! Before you know it, you may find yourself with a well-written, beautifully-designed infographic that people will share around the web.

Check out this infographic from SlideGenius for quick tips on how to hunt for the right infographic topic.

Hunt for the Right Infographic Topic

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