Where Websites Live [Infographic]

The migration to the cloud has led many businesses, both big and small to use third party services to manage and hold onto their data, rather than attempt to purchase, house, setup, and manage their own servers, which can be expensive and cumbersome — especially to smaller business owners. Larger businesses are finding it more cost effective and efficient to allow another space to take care of their data. As this demand grows, so do the data centers themselves, and the number of these centers around the world.

In the map below, you’ll see information about the world’s largest data centers, how much money has gone into creating them, as well as where they are all located. With the quantity of websites likely to exceed 1 billion in 2016, some of these data centers may fall off of this map for having less than 1 to 2 million square feet in space to house the complex networks of cooling systems, servers, and everything else that comes along with holding the world’s data! That’s a ton of space.

Since websites are becoming increasingly important to millions of people around the world, you may now be able to see how it is absolutely vital that we are all able to find a reliable web host and to be able to compare it with the competition.


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