Marketing Automation Trends, Do’s and Don’ts for Success [#mapodcast]

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The Marketing Automation 101 Podcast from THE SEEN discusses about the inside out of marketing automation, visual communications and how they can help small to medium businesses succeed through proven methods, best practices and expert advice.

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Marketing automation trends, do's and don'ts

In this episode, we continue our interview with Carlos Hidalgo about demand generation, marketing automation trends, do’s and don’ts for more success.

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Part 1: It’s all about Your Demand Generation Strategy [#mapodcast]

Some takeaways from this interview

  • We should change our mindset about marketing automation. It’s not about email marketing or something but about how we set it up correctly.
  • Demand generation, marketing automation and content marketing have to adapt to change management approach and we marketers should adapt to the new age of the modern buyers who are beyond sophisticated.
  • There will be more marketing automation vendors.
  • This is not the start and stop of marketing automation but with strategic demand generation that aligns to buyers and how they buy.

More about Carlos Hidalgo and his company

Carlos Hidalgo  is the CEO of ANNUITAS, a leading demand generation and marketing strategy firm. Carlos has over 20 years’ experience as a B2B marketing practitioner and industry visionary. Carlos is widely recognized for his expertise in strategic integrated marketing, Demand Process, Demand Transformation℠ and marketing automation.

ANNUITAS is a demand generation firm that helps B2B marketing and sales leaders at enterprise organizations build and execute demand generation that is more buyer-centric, revenue-optimized and operationally-minded. ANNUITAS delivers this via its Demand Process℠ methodology. ANNUITAS works with clients to determine their demand strategy and process, drives execution and then helps clients achieve self-sustainability and longer-term optimization.

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