Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing [Infographic]

Inbound marketing is basically promoting your products and services through various forms of content marketing and letting customers come to you.

Outbound marketing or interruption marketing buys interest in hopes of finding customers. Outbound marketing takes place through traditional advertising and marketing such as telemarketing, commercials, direct mail, and radio.

Inbound marketing earns interest through content creation before the customer is ready to buy. Inbound marketing is all about content and takes place mostly through social media, blogs, podcasts, and whitepapers. Inbound is much less costly and yields a higher ROI than outbound marketing because it focuses on creating useful content that attracts instead of interrupting potential customers with ads.

In order to successfully attract customers through inbound marketing, you must incorporate the 5 following elements:

  1. Email
  2. SEO
  3. Social Media
  4. Content
  5. Design

To learn more about these 5 elements, check out the infographic below.


Infographic By: AXZM

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