Five Twitter Tricks I Learned From My Own Experience on Twitter

Following are five Twitter tricks that I learned from my own experience on Twitter.

Five Twitter Tricks I Learned From My Own Experience on Twitter-01

Reply to Your Own Tweets

An easy way to give a tweet a second chance to gain re-tweets and favorites is simply replying to it with a similar article. Replying to your own tweet basically connects two of your tweets together and gains attention because it will take up a larger space on your followers feed. This is especially true if both tweets contain images, videos, or a GIF.

Tweet Reply2Tweet Reply

Include an Image, Video, or GIF

When I go through my own news feed I’m immediately drawn to the tweets with images, videos, and GIFs. I rarely stop to look at a tweet or engage with a tweet that doesn’t contain visuals, and from what I’ve seen I am not alone. My tweets with visuals usually get more engagement than those without. I also find that the size of the visual plays a big part in my engagement rate.

Most of the time I find that images are shown full sized when I click the Twitter icon on an article, but other times I find the image appears smaller like the tweet below on the left side. When the image appears like it does on the left instead of the right, I save the image and attach it myself. When I do this, the images appears full size and I find my tweet stands out more and as a result receives more engagement.


Tweet in Patterns of 3-5

From my own experience I find that when I  send one tweet at a time, I get lost in the clutter of my follower’s news feeds. When I submit 3 to 5 tweets at a time I find I get much more engagement. Submitting 3 to 5 tweets at a time gets my tweets noticed and reminds my followers that they’re following me. I find 3 to 5 is enough to get attention without annoying my followers.

Continuously Review Your Analytics

Whether you have a personal or business Twitter account, you have access to your analytics. Through your analytics you can analyze your most successful tweets, tweet time, hashtags, and much more. Visiting your analytics constantly gives you valuable insight on how to continue delivering content your followers enjoy.

Recycle Your Top Performing Tweets

After reviewing your analytics and determining your top tweets, you can tweet those same tweets again. You can tweet it the exact same way you did the first time or use a different title, image, or hashtags.

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