10 Visual Content Creation Tools You Can’t Live without

Visual content can be Infographics, videos, presentations, memes, just to name a few. And you should know what is going to work for your company and what doesn’t when it comes to visual content creation tools.

  • According to Citrix, 63% of social media is made up of images.
  • Twitter Media Blog says by adding a photo URL to your tweet, you can boost tweets by 35%, while Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users and 70 million new photos are shared daily.
  • According to Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy and Industry development at BussFeed, “Content is king but distributions is queen and she wears the pants. You have to understand how content spreads across the web.”

Visual content is more important than ever for igniting engagement. You can either turn quotes into interesting slideshows or create an infographic about the history of your business, whatever comes to your mind.

Following are our list of 10 tools that you can’t live without in terms of visual content creation.

10 Visual Content Creation Tools You Can't Live without [#VisualInbound]2-01

  1. Canva

This is graphic design tool for dummies because it is super easy to create graphics, whether for social media or blog posts. They have hundreds of layouts for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google +, making it easy to share on the social media channels. It comes with a great design options to help simplify your graphic design process.

  1. PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint has been around for years. It’s simple and easy to use.

With these free templates from Hubspot, you can literally create Infographics, SlideShares, Social Media images, and Calls-to-Action in next to no time. And it’s totally FREE.

  1. Chrome Eye Dropper

It’s a free plug-in that allows you to get HEX color code. It is an open source that allows you to pick colors from web pages, color picks and your personal color history.

  1. Instagram

This program can turn an average photo into something unique brand content. It can be used on any iPhone or Android, making it easier to adjust photos anywhere.

  1. Unsplash

It’s a free subscription service that sends you 10 new images a day. They have photos with scenery or animate object tilts.

  1. Photoshop

Okay, who hasn’t ever used Photoshop? I think just about everyone has. It has unlimited power and no restrictions. You can save templates and replicate designs in less than one minute.

  1. InstaQuote

This is for iPhone’s. It allows you to add text to photos and pictures for Instagram. You can easily create quotes to share.

  1. Over

This is an Android and iPhone app. It has more flexibility over design and adds something special to photos taken from a phone.

  1. Pinterest

It can monitor trends and inspirations for layout and design ideas.

  1. Wordswag

This is for iPhones and is used to dress up images from mobile phones. It also has free imagery from Pixabay.

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