Why Should You Incorporate Video Marketing into Your Inbound Strategy?

Why You Should Incorporate Video Marketing into Your Inbound Strategy [#VisualInbound]

The number speaks for itself

Video content in search engine results are becoming more useful

According to a study completed by Forrester, websites using good video marketing strategies increase their chances of being ranked on the first page of Google by 53 times.

Videos can be used by any size business to maximize visibility and to stand out

Using video annotations, video rich snippets and custom thumbnail images can be fairly inexpensive and can be completed on a small budget if done correctly.

More creative, please!

Video marketing should be innovative with fresh and engaging ways to develop content that effectively connects to your target audience.

Nowadays, videos can reach worldwide and have become like prime-time to business but all the time.

80% of online visitors will watch a video compared to 20% who will read the entire content.

Videos make you feel emotions quicker. Websites with video content can hold a viewer’s attention for more than 2 minutes on average compared to websites with no video content.

Because videos are considered a content asset to your website and every business strives to stand out, the more popular your video becomes, the more natural links and embeds you’ll see across the internet.

With videos, you can:

  • Make corporate culture videos to communicate who you are as a company.
  • Tell about your brand milestones and goals (try to use testimonial videos and case studies).
  • Use your videos for instructional purpose.
  • Explain how your products/services make your customers’ life easier.

And remember to always:

  • Develop a deep library of videos.
  • Make things clear to your viewers.

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