Content Marketing with Visuals Leads to Higher Social Sharing and Engagement

Visual content marketing, marketing automation and social media tools are three hot topics during the past week.

Content Marketing with Visuals Leads to Higher Social Sharing and Engagement [Visual Marketing Insight Issue #003]

If you think the process of creating visual content can be time-consuming and expensive, think again. There’re a number of tools and tips that you can implement to catch up with the trend and increase social sharing and fan engagement.

  • Using easy desktop tools like Canva, Piktochart and PicMonkey.
  • Designing your own branded templates.
  • Make use of available pre-built templates for infographics and slideshows.
  • Batch your images for social media campaigns in the same way that you do for blog articles.
  • Build a library of images and icons that you can use for future visual content campaigns.
  • Leverage the power of mobile apps for your Instagram and other social media posts.
  • Embed social media posts in your blog.
  • Share meaningful quotes.
  • Curate other visual content.

Top Picks this Week from THE SEEN – Visual Inbound Issue 003

Each week, we sort through the huge pile of latest news in visual inbound marketing, social media and technology and select the most trending, informative pieces for you.

And here is visual inbound issue of this week:

Visual Marketing & Social Media Marketing Technology & Tools

10 Social Media Strategy Ideas that Generate Real Results

The competition for attention is fierce.

No matter where you look – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus — standing out isn’t easy.

But, did you know that 97% of consumers say they now turn to the Internet before making contact with a business?

That makes differentiation more important than ever before.

These 10 Tools Will Boost the Productivity of Your Social Media Campaign

These 10 Tools Will Boost The Productivity Of Your Social Media Campaign [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you started a business, you didn’t expect it would demand so much activity on social media. However, you have to establish a reputable presence on these platforms and connect with your fans and followers on daily basis.

Almost all business owners and marketers include social media marketing techniques in their mix. As an entrepreneur, you have a responsibility to connect with your potential and current customers and present your products or services or useful content in the most effective manner.


4 Ways to Use SlideShare for Lead Generation

Are you using SlideShare as a social media marketing option?

Are you using SlideShare presentations to market your business?

Have you considered SlideShare as a conversion tool?


5 Tools to Boost Your Social Media Productivity

Are you overwhelmed with your social media responsibilities?

Looking for ways to perform tasks more efficiently?

Staying on top of social activities can be challenging, but there are tools that can save you time and make your job a little easier.


Three Great Examples of High-Performing Visual Content Marketing

Content marketing with visuals leads to significant improvements in web and social engagement.

And here are a few real life examples I found while doing research.


Master List of Marketing Automation Tools – ‘Net Features – Website Magazine

Marketing automation systems have empowered marketers to connect with current and potential buyers in ways most never would have imaged a decade ago.

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