Uscreen – A Guide to Creating Video Products that Sell [Review]

Every few day or so I get asked a very similar question. Mostly, these questions deal with WordPress, or written content, but lately I’ve been spending more than a few days answering questions that refer to selling video online.

How do I do it? Do I need a membership site? How can I host and sell video courses?

Video publishing platform

First of all, membership sites don’t always meet your needs when selling video courses. While access is paid but usually a membership site doesn’t let a customer buy more than one product, as there is only one membership access, which kills the potential for other video products.

And that makes me reiterate my belief.

Selling video courses online doesn’t require a membership plugin – but a different type of tool. An online tool like Uscreen is much better for video products.

Why Videos?

This proves to be a big year for content, and the fastest growing sector of content is video. This is a medium that works well at demonstrating a process instead of just telling about it.

Most content creators agree on one thing: Video has the potential to transmit a large amount of complex information easily. It is a way of transmitting historical, emotional and academic information using imagery. So it is natural to want to get into this market.

Introducing Uscreen

Uscreen Simplest way to sell videos.

So now the question is: how can Uscreen help?

Well, Uscreen is a video publishing platform, much like YouTube, except that content creators can control the viewing and use of their videos. They decide how, when and how much to sell videos for.

The Uscreen platform is a 21st century platform made for the modern content creator. It is a platform that offers more than other video frameworks offer. Precisely the tool you need as a creator of educational and entertaining videos.

Uscreen offers an easy way of publishing and monetizing video content. It helps improve your video sales effort and increases the reach of your content.

What the Platform Offers?

Uscreen is gaining popularity and fast. And why is that? Because it offers many different features for business subscribers. Users get access to an intuitive, easy-to-use store front, strong encryption, and the ability to add as many videos as you want, divide into chapters and leave the money collecting and payment options up to them. It’s as easy as one, two, and three.

Proprietary DRM and Encryption

Uscreen values security, ensuring your video products are safe for both you and your customers. offers complete security for videos with a proprietary encryption software program and DRM keeping hackers and pirates away from your content.

A Customized Storefront

Let’s say you create a language video and want to sell it to your customers. Uscreen allows you to upload the video and promote it to your audience. However the large storefront also attracts new audiences and new customer for your course. Those that purchase the video pay on the Uscreen platform and then Uscreen forwards your money to you.

But then let’s say you want to create a level II video you want to make available as well. Uscreen lets you add videos, categorize them, divide them into chapters and even offer previews that help your buyers decide on whether they want to purchase your video or not.

Uscreen offers you and your audience several options for your video content. The platform allows your buyers to rent, buy or subscribe to any of your products. You decide on the price and manage your subscriptions via the admin area.

Uscreen Works Hand in Hand with Your Website

Again Uscreen offers many customizable options, and can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Add videos directly to the platform and send customers there, or integrate the platform with your own website; meaning customers never have to leave your site. You can integrate the video platform with Shopify or without it.

Offers Better Service

Uscreen offers other features such as important stats that let you know who watches your videos. This lets you leverage the information and offer better service to customers. It helps identify which of your videos do better and which need more of a marketing effort. This gives you a better idea of what you can up-sell or what to remarket.

How Does It Work?

Using Uscreen is very easy. So whether you are a language teacher, a motivational speaker, a fitness instructor or have a great idea for an online course, video production can monetize your knowledge. You start with a basic DSLR camera and some good lighting. Or put together a presentation on your screen and use good screen casting software. Film and edit your video using any of varied video and audio editing software.

Once your video is ready, upload it to the Uscreen video platform. If filming a complex course, consider breaking the course into different chapters or levels. Smaller segments keep your audience loyal and help you monetize even more on your course.

Supplement Your Material

Uscreen also supports your supplemental guides, instructionals and PDF files. Create a workbook to go along with your video products. Add all of this supporting material to the video.

Upload your video through the intuitive dashboard along with all supplemental materials. The process only takes a few minutes.  When you wish to add more information, click on the product, navigate to the files and select the videos you want to edit or add. It’s here that you can see all of your prior work.

Organize It All

Once you upload your videos, select the “Menu” option and organize them. Add or change menu options and link in chapters add a time stamp and link to files or PDFs.

Price Your Products

Price your videos individual or choose the option for subscriptions. Viewers can pay a small monthly fee to get access to all your content or you can price your products individually.

Start Selling

Once you’ve got it all on the platform and configured the way you want, you can start selling. You can do this through the Uscreen storefront or on your own personal sales page.

The Uscreen Cost

Uscreen has different pricing plans, including a free trial version. The plan you choose depends on the number of viewers you have and the type of broadcast you want.

The Benefits

Companies and entrepreneurs who use Uscreen as a monetizing platform often see an increase in sales of more than 20%. You’ll see dramatic improvements in sales and in audience views. Start with the trial or the Pro plan at a monthly price of $99.00, and then choose the Enterprise plan when your business grows.

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