15 Free Content Marketing Tools for Modern Content Marketers

15 Free Content Marketing Tools for Modern Content Marketers4-01

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Content manager and lives can get a bit hectic. They spend a lot of time identifying what is seen as relevant and valuable content, in relation to their product, with the intent of changing or enhancing consumer behavior.

That is and the belief of this marketing strategy is that if you help increase the intelligence of your consumer base by putting more information in front of them, valuable information, then they’ll reward you with their business and loyalty.

This often requires long hours of internet research to find what is considered relevant and valuable information that will elevate your target audience, putting together posts that have both great content and great visuals, and doing it on a consistent basis. These are 15 free that will help you deliver that amazing content to keep your customers coming back for more.

Tools for screenshots

Let’s face it, content is always great to have, but human beings are visual creatures. “I’ll believe it when I see it,” didn’t become an adage for no reason at all. There is universal truth in that statement, which is naturally understood. Consumers most often prefer to be shown, not told, about the features to help them best make their decision, or to increase their knowledge of your industry, niche, or products. This is where screenshots or how-to videos come in. These are the tools to help you with them.

1. Jing

2. Awesome Screenshot

3. Monosnap

Writing & editing

The most important part of all content marketers’ job is the content. This is the bread and butter; the chicken & the gravy. Without professional, accurate, knowledgeable content delivered in an easy to understand manner, there is no work. There will be no consumers seeking out your company’s service or product. Ultimately there is nothing without content. Here are the tools to make sure your content meets all these criteria, or if you have difficulty generating content, resources that will help you do so.

4. Paper Rater

5. Essay Mama

6. Copyscape

Images and design

Beyond the penultimate, valuable content, with how-to tutorials and/or valuable screenshots, consumers want to know that their decision of utilizing your website for valuable information is the correct one. Having a great web design and utilizing images, helps increase credibility, and build your brand. Here are a few places to help make this component of your content grade A.

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