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When we put time, resources, and money into anything we do business-related, it is natural to seek value in return. Value comes from understanding what are the right things to get done. How to ensure investment in buyer insight research and buyer persona development adds value is one question I get asked frequently.

The state of buyer personas, as they have gained visibility, has produced many different approaches. These have been about doing things right. And, many times, these “things” are not the right things. This state is made evident by the many different templates and hyped versions of buyer profiles masquerading as buyer personas. So how do leaders evaluate they are doing the right things?

7 Criteria to Doing Right with Buyer Personas

Here are 7 criteria to keep in mind when investing in buyer insight research and buyer persona development:

1. Are your buyer personas based on qualitative research directly with buyers?
2. Are your personas based on real people and sound like real people?
3. Does your buyer personas focus on the right attributes and goals of buyers?
4. Do your buyer personas tell insightful and archetypal stories about your buyers?
5. Does your buyer personas help inform key decisions related to customer and got-to-market strategies?
6. Do your buyer personas look too complex and results in non-adoption?
7. Do your buyer personas become operational in key customer interaction areas?


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