6 Tips to Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Linkedin


Curated from socialmediaexaminer.com.

6 Powerful Tips for Linkedin Marketing

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is a very underutilized social media network. Most people believe that it’s too hard to make connections, and therefore use it more as a résumé site. There is so much more potential with this professional social media network.

How many of us have created a LinkedIn account and left it dormant for months?

Here are the top 6 things that I learned about this powerful network:

#1: Boosting Your Search Engine Optimization.

#2: Promoting Your Blog Feed.

#3: Creating LinkedIn Ad Campaigns.

#4: Utilizing Events to Engage Clients.

#5: Using Groups to Connect With People.

#6: Getting Recommendations to Attract More Clients.

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