The State of Application Performance Management (APM) [Infographic]


Germain Software has just released a new infographic titled ‘The State of APM’.  ‘The State of APM’ shows the impact that Application Performance Management (APM) software has on the overall success of an IT organization and the continuous optimal performance and availability of complex business applications.

‘The State of APM’ infographic features visual content that details responses from a September 2013 survey of IT professionals managing multiple applications in an enterprise environment.  In addition to revealing that end-to-end APM is the ‘gold standard’ in application monitoring, the survey also expressed the critical importance of availability of applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and eCommerce. Interestingly, over 43% of IT organizations receive reports of significant performance issues weekly – primarily via end users and not the monitoring tools in place.

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The State of Application Performance Management

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