Selecting the Right Business Phone Solution [Infographic]


When setting up a new office, or renovating an old one, a lot of thought is put into the layout of space, interior design features, and other aesthetics. Most business owners will readily have input on how they want their office to look and function. But, when it comes to the technical side of creating a functional office, many business leaders may find themselves scratching their heads. Perhaps more so than any other office technology, business phone systems can overwhelm with the variety of options and setups.

With the advent of VoIP phone systems, there are several new options available for the business environment. As this technology is still relatively new, many people don’t know the ins and outs of a VoIP setup. This infographic from WhichVoIP attempts to reduce the confusion by matching business oriented features and needs with 5 of the most common business phone setups.

Selecting the Right Business Phone Solution

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